We Don’t Completely Trust in God

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Synopsis of We Don’t Completely Trust God

Good and joyful morning to all Christian brothers and sisters on this the day the lord has made. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, or milk, or whatever is your favorite…. We’re about to slice a piece of the bread of life, the word of God.

And today’s slice is my favorite slice in the Bible…..
Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the lord with all thine heart and lean not unto your own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him and he will direct thy paths.

But……. We don’t completely trust God. Bro. Dick how can you say that? Well to begin with we carry the original sin. The original sin was that Adam and eve did not completely trust God. He told them what was best for them and they did not believe him, they allowed evil to give them doubt. And…. Guess what… they lost paradise, called the garden of eden.
Just like our lack of completely trusting God separates us from having a true personal relationship with him and from hearing him.

Think about this….. Do you have a person that you trust in their advice….. I mean completely? Perhaps, a school teacher. Perhaps, your pastor. Perhaps your doctor.
If your doctor tells you to do a particular thing to help your healing, even if it seems rather foolish….. Will you do it because you trust him?

Or maybe it is a neighbor who tells you how to grow flowers or to improve your lawn. How about. if I told you that to rid yourself of “red” ants simply apply dry grits on the mound. The ants will eat the grit and it will swell up in them and kill them.
Would you do it?

But, do you see what I’m getting at? We sometimes place trust in earthly beings more than we do God. Do they love you more than God does???

You see, Lucifer cannot get even with God, he does not have the power to do so. Therefore he gets at God by doing to his children what he did to
Adam and eve, causing us to lack complete trust in God. And we too often, are just as gullible as they were.

By the way….. The idea of using grits does work, but not in George county, these are not “red” ants like they have in Louisiana. There it does work.

My friends, living on earth is nothing more than living in a womb expecting birthing into eternity face to face with God and rule with him. Rule with him? Who said that? He did.

With that in mind, consider this. All spiritual lessons we learn here on earth will follow us into eternity.Living here in the un-godliness around us is like living with a cast on our leg. And to bend into true trust in God we’ve got to get the cast off. It is a daily fight to get that cast off.

It is our soul, our flesh, that is unable to trust him completely. I’ve said it a hundred times over this broadcast, but for those who may not have heard it, I’ll repeat it.
We are a spirit (made in the image of God) we have a soul (our mind, emotion, personality, experiences) and of course, we live in a body.
So…. Yes…. It is our flesh, that is unable to trust him completely.
Our soul we judge by our past experiences and use reasoning.
Remember, i’ve said this before also, Greek philosophy breeds reasoning with the mind…. Hebrew theology breeds “If God said it, it is tru,e” period.

A good analogy of how we are with our lack of trust in God is that we are like a new born infant. The infant may experience hunger, a rash, a wet diaper and not understanding that mama or the nurse is wiping the rash or sticks it with a needle…… it is for his own good. He screams and fights back.
The infant, at that time has a limited understanding of the mother’s or the nurse’s love. It is his soul that is controlling his reactions.

But…. Remember…. What I said earlier….. We have as soul, but we are a spirit.
It is through our spirit that we can know that God is good and without using it we cannot trust fully.

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