A New Breed of Leader

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Synopsis of A New Breed of Leader

Good and joyful day today to all Christian brothers and sisters on this the day the Lord has made. Pull up a chair, pour yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, or milk, or whatever is your favorite; we’re about to slice a piece of the bread of life, the Word of God. And today’s slice comes from: DEU. 15:6 For the LORD thy God blesseth thee, as he promised thee: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, but thou shalt not borrow; and thou shalt reign over many nations, but they shall not reign over thee.

Surely, we are not there… presently. But, we may soon be. However, we must live by faith and not by fear. Lack of faith and fear causes division. Certainly we are there as the Body of Christ; and surely we are there as a nation. To get there we must address three major thrusts.

The first is unity, and this is making unprecedented possibilities unfold for the church as well as for the nation. Those with faith will seize the possibilities. We can expect those who live by fear instead of faith to begin fading away.

For those who press on to fulfill their mandate for these times, we will begin to see a kingdom economy unfold that is joined to the resources of heaven. Did you hear me right? I said kingdom economy. When this joining is complete, those in the kingdom will have unlimited resources at their disposal. We are going to see the times when God’s people will actually “lend to many nations and not borrow” as we just read in today’s slice of the Word of God. And it can be used to bring about the unity of our nation as well. Think about living with no debt and having so many resources that we start lending to nations. Get a vision for it. That is where we’re headed.

The Lord said that with faith one could say to a mountain be plucked up and cast into the sea and it would happen (see Matthew 21:21). Many of us are looking at a mountain of debt. The United States is looking at a mountain of debt that is becoming like the Tower of Babel, reaching to heaven. As we are told in Proverbs 22:7, “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower becomes the lender’s slave.” America is enslaved by debt, and the increasing debt is increasing our bondage. I am praying for the emerging kingdom economy to be able to pay off the debt of the United States, as well as other nations who seek to follow Christ. This is in order to set them free from their present yoke of bondage and make them Christ’s slave—the greatest freedom they will ever know.

I know this will sound like foolishness to many, but I have been convinced that this is the Lord’s plan for us, who wants to do good for us. If you have an eschatology that the antichrist is going to take over the world, I’m sure this will seem even more foolish. I have an eschatology that Christ is going to take over the world, that His kingdom is going to come and His will is going to be done right here on earth as it is in heaven. My eschatology also compels me to believe that we are here now to prepare the way for the Lord. We do this by building a highway for our God as we see in Isaiah 40.

This highway in Isaiah 40 is God’s “higher-way.” Jesus came to show us this highway, and now we must walk it. He showed us by His life that we are only limited by our faith and our obedience. There are no speed limits on God’s highway. You can go as fast as you want or as slow as you want. However, the traffic on it must be moving because it is not a parking lot but a highway. How far have you gone on it? How fast can you go?

With the coming of the kingdom, we can expect a kingdom economy to emerge that cannot be shaken. As we see in Isaiah 9:7, there is no end to the increase of His government, and the same is true of His economy. The economy of the kingdom is actually the devotion of a large percentage of Scripture because the economy represents very basic human transactions. Some of the most basic principles that drive the present earthly economies are power, fear, and greed. Mixed with these basic drives are principles of the kingdom.

The most basic kingdom economic principle in Scripture is summed up in I Corinthians13— is to love God above all things and demonstrate this love for Him by loving His people. The kingdom economy that we will start to see emerge will not have the destructive elements of greed, self-seeking, and the lust for power and control. Those who learn to manage the earthly resources they are entrusted with will always “seek first the kingdom.” Then they will be entrusted with the resources of the kingdom.

When we begin to tap into the resources of heaven, there will always be an overflow. We see this when the Lord released resources by blessing the little boy’s lunch and feeding five thousand people with it and still having baskets leftover.

Those who understand the heavenly vision of what His house is called to be will, like Abraham, leave everything to wander in places where they do not even know where they’re going, but do know what they’re looking for—the city that God is building. The impact of this vision on their lives was remarkable. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob were all fabulously wealthy in the things of this world, even to the degree that they provoked kings to jealousy at times. Even though they had the means to build the most beautiful palaces, they were content to live in tents. Why? They were consumed with a heavenly vision so great that it made any earthly dwelling boring in comparison.

Only with this kind of love of God can the vision He has for us mature. And the same is true for our nation. We need leaders in House, Senate, Supreme Court, and the White House that can bring that same kind of unity to our Red and Blue nation. Notice, I did not say red, white and blue…. I said Red and Blue nation. United we stand – Divided we fall. Christ brought a peace beyond understanding by selecting leaders, apostles and disciples, from among common and imperfect men. So must we.

Above all things, and above seeing great miracles, we must pursue loving God and demonstrate this love for Him by loving His people. From the time that there were just two brothers on the earth, they could not get along. One basically said, “The world is not big enough for the both of us.” People, clans, and nations have been in conflict since. When the church matures and becomes what she is called to, it will be in such unity that the world will marvel.

The Lord Jesus Himself prayed to the Father in John 17:22-23: “The glory which You have given Me I have given to them, that they may be one, just as We are one; I in them and You in Me, that they may be perfected in unity, so that the world may know that You did send Me, and loved them, even as You have loved Me.”

As we see here, the glory that will be revealed on God’s people as in Isaiah 60:1-2 and other places is so we can be one. When this happens, the world will know that Jesus was indeed sent by the Father, and that He loves us just as He loves His Son.

Our first calling is to be like Him, and our second calling is to do the works that He did. If we are like Him, we will walk in love, and when we walk in love, He can trust us with the power. That is the power to unite His divided church and the power to unite our divided nation.

What would the perfect President be like? What would the perfect Senator or Congressman be like? Of course, we do not have perfect people to choose from for these positions, but if we set the standard of what we’re looking for, and then start looking for the right people to fill the positions, we would likely end up with much better leaders.

This is how Ronald Reagan was found. Reagan was not a perfect President, but he seemed to be the perfect one for the times. Under his leadership, the nation not only emerged from its worst economic problems in half a century, but vision and hope for an even greater future were restored. It was this faith that ultimately unraveled the power of our greatest enemy—the Soviet Union. Nearly two decades of prosperity followed until the recipe for this was forgotten.

We can have the best form of government but will still have bad government if we put bad people in it, and we have an increasingly shallow pool of people to choose from. A reason for this is because the system that has evolved for choosing our leaders and representatives favors the wrong kind of people. It penalizes the right kind of leaders, the kind of servant-citizen-leaders for which our government was designed.

There is a difference between a politician and a leader, and we are in desperate need of not just a leader, but a great leader. America is now facing some of the most potentially deadly crises we have ever faced, in a time when the world is more dangerous than it has ever been. It is understandable that so many would be pining for another Reagan, but for what we are facing, we need a combination of Washington, Lincoln, Churchill, and Moses.

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