Live in the Green Light of God

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Synopsis of Live in the Green Light of God

We are we’re about to slice a piece of the Bread of Life, the Word of God. And today’s slice comes from:

2 Corinthians 1:18-20 As surely as God is true, I am not that sort of person. My yes means yes because Jesus Christ, the Son of God, never wavers between yes and no. He is the one whom Timothy, Silas, and I preached to you, and he is the divine Yes – God’s affirmation. For all of God’s promises have been fulfilled in him. That is why we say “Amen” when we give glory to God through Christ.

Today I want to start my message with the title, which is Live in the Green Light of God.

Some of our lives resemble beautiful and powerful automobiles that are running at idle while waiting at an intersection, even though the light is green. It has been “green and go” since the Day of Pentecost, yet some of us still wait, continuing to idle and going nowhere. I sense that God is asking His Church, “What are you waiting for?” The reality is that the Heavens are open, and the Spirit has been given to us. We are seated in Heaven at the right hand of the Father on purpose. The green light of God is present in His people. It is time to invite the Holy Spirit to reveal why some of us are stopped instead of moving forward. It is also time to renew our minds and live as people positioned by God to do more than just wait at intersections and idle our engines of faith.

Many of us have forgotten that we really are children of the Most High God. We have allowed lies to remain embedded and unchallenged in our lives. Some of us are afraid to move forward in boldness because we still believe that God can only love us if our performance is without fault.

This fear has immobilized the prayer of faith in some; it blinds us to the green light and keeps us from pressing down on the accelerator pedal and moving forward. We displace this lie by remembering that we are loved, not as the result of our performance, but out of His unchangeable in love.

Fear of rejection can redirect the focus of our prayer back onto self, and we take on the burden of outcomes.

But, Bro. Dick, “What if I turn to the person behind me, say the word God asked me to give them, and they reject it?” If we feel that we are responsible for the results of our faith, we will inevitably live in the prison of performance, because the perceived power source is with us and not with God.

Are you a friend of Christ. In John 15 Jesus said that He would no longer relate to His disciples as servants. He would now relate to them as friends. Remember: servants live with a list of things to do. Servants execute lists of performance, and when they are done performing, they go back to the servants’ quarters.

A friend is different. A friend lives in anticipation of what their friend desires. They have a relationship that is powered by intimacy and union. They see an open road and the green light of relationship and freedom. This kind of friendship with God that Paul described, and its resulting prayer, seems reckless to people who have yet to realize His friendship. Friendship with God only looks reckless because you go speeding past people who are still parked at the intersection with their foot on the brakes

Police and fire vehicles are equipped with transmitting units that send signals ahead of them to change traffic lights from red to green so that the responding public safety personnel can reach the emergency site unimpeded. You and I carry the presence of Jesus Christ. That presence changes everything.

Followers of Jesus Christ live in the green light of God’s promises. All of God’s promises are “yes.”

Right now, God is announcing His promises upon the earth through His Church. We live in the green light of God.

God is saying to His church…. Did I not extend My hand to Peter? Did I not pull Peter out of the water? Did I not tell Peter to walk? Then when he began to fall, did I not extend My hand to Peter? Peter was unable to reach my hand, but My hand was ever-ready and able to reach Peter. So it is with each of you, and even your nation. My hand is not short that it can’t save

My friends, God is commissioning each of us who are willing and eager to receive fresh orders.

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